The EB-5 Regional Center Program – Is It A Safe Program to Invest In? |

Almost every potential EB-5 investor has asked us if it is truly safe to invest in the EB-5 Regional Center Program. This question may be one of the most important questions for foreign investor, given that they will be investing US$500,000 or US$1,000,000 in said approved Regional Center and there is no guarantee that the funds will be returned to the EB-5 investor.Let’s compare both the Direct EB-5 Program and the Regional Center EB-5 Program. Investment in a Direct EB-5 program or Individual EB-5 Program requires a longer and more tedious process than that of the Regional Center EB-5 Program. This includes filing petition for which the investment enterprise has not been pre-approved and providing a detailed business plan with information regarding whether the investment entity qualifies as a “new commercial enterprise;” whether the investment is in a “targeted employment area;” whether the investment is a “troubled business;” how the requisite “job creation” will take place; and whether the investment meets the “establishment” of a new commercial enterprise standard. This program also requires written assessments throughout the creation and construction process from the investor to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documenting the progress and development of the EB-5 project. Another requirement is unless the investor can prove that the EB-5 project is designated in either a targeted employment area or a rural area, which would require government approval and consent, the investment for an individual EB-5 program is $1 million as opposed to $500,000. It should be noted that each of these methods is arguably more complicated, with more time-consuming requirements, than investment into a Regional Center.An investment in the Regional Center EB-5 Program or the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program seems to be the most straightforward way for an applicant to successfully obtain permanent green card through the EB-5 program. This is because the requirements are less complicated than the Direct EB-5 program. The benefits of investing into an EB-5 Regional Center seem to be more of what is not required compared to the Direct EB-5 investment. If you choose a project within a Regional Center that has been approved by the USCIS, certain EB-5 requirements will have been taken care of by the Regional Center in advance. In order for a Regional Center to receive designation or an approval from the USCIS they must submit a business plan for both the Regional Center and the EB-5 Project and provide specific details on the Exit Strategy and how they will return the funds to the investors. The USCIS reviews the information provided carefully and may take up to 4 months to give an approval. This being said, the investment in an approved EB-5 Regional Center is the safer of the two; however, it is crucial that the immigrant investor do their homework prior to making a final decision.There are some EB-5 visa holders who have taken poor advice and applied unwisely without independent professional advice, or indeed made an inappropriate judgment and selected a center where there have been EB-5 refusals at the I-526 and I-829 stage and some unfortunate few who have suffered the loss of some or all of their funds. However as with any investment, no matter how safe, there is always an element of risk. But it is important to understand that the number of EB-5 visa holders who have lost some or all of their investment is a very small number compared to the number of success stories.Keep in mind that one way the a loss of some or all of the investment funds can occur when a Regional Center project fails to attract the required number of investors needed to fully fund its program. Unfortunately, there are programs being marketed to investors which are unlikely to ever get off the ground and therefore will not provide the requirements for successful EB-5 applications. This is one of the primary reasons why it is so important to engage the services of an experienced and qualified EB-5 Consultant who has successfully advised people through the EB-5 process over a number of years.If you are considering investing in the Regional Center EB-5 Program there are several steps you can take to safeguard your process. Number one would be to begin seeking independent and experienced advice at the start of the process. Work with a company who has been in business for several years with a track record of assisting more than 150 individuals just like you. A consultant who has personally visited dozens of EB-5 Regional Centers and approved EB-5 Projects and has worked with many of the leading US Immigration Attorneys who are experienced in the EB-5 program.

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If you want to take up nursing and you want to finish it up as quickly as possible, accelerated nursing programs online can be very helpful for you. It allows you to tackle nursing courses and get a degree within just a short period of time. The availability of these programs can be attributed to some technological and cultural changes. Most colleges and universities want to keep up with the changing times so they made the decision to expand their nursing departments. The expansion results to the birth of distance learning and nursing programs.When searching for the best school that offers the program, it is important for you to never make an assumption that all online programs are fast paced. Keep in mind that there are still schools whose online nursing programs work similarly to that of a traditional campus. The only good thing about this is that it is very convenient as you will be given the chance to study at the comforts of your own home. You can also choose your own time. Online nursing programs also offer you the opportunity to attend classes even if your chosen school is very far away from your home.There are basically two forms of degrees in accelerated nursing programs online namely competency based degrees and degree completion programs. The competency based degree is perfect for you if you want to plan your own working field while you are meeting the demands of your nursing profession goals. In this program, your previous education and career experiences are being recognized and these are useful in permitting you to accelerate the completion of your degree. You are then given the opportunity to finish your nursing degree after one to two years.Degree completion program, on the other hand, is designed for non-nursing graduates. This program offers the quickest method towards becoming a registered nurse. In fact, the entire program will cover only around twelve to eighteen months. These are offered to baccalaureate and master’s degree holders. Undergraduates are also given the opportunity to enroll in the program.If you are really determined to finish up a nursing degree, then you should start doing your research about accelerated programs as early as possible. You have to check the internet for reliable information. When it comes to this, you have to make sure that you deal only with legitimate programs. Make sure that you also gather information only from reliable sources. This will allow you to obtain the most suitable program for you.Being enrolled in accelerated nursing programs online can be very beneficial for you. It allows you to earn a nursing degree within just a short period of time. The course can also be completed without too much hassle as you will only need to stay in your home. This is the main reason why accelerated nursing programs are known to have a very flexible nature. You will get the chance to choose your own time and study at home. These programs are also known to be affordable so you will never worry about how to pay it. Because of all these, your chances of becoming a great nurse can be increased.

How To Choose An Appropriate Catholic Home School Program? |

If you would like to complete an appropriate Catholic home school program, it is very important to consider all pros and cons of the offered programs. However, you may be sure that there is a great variety of Catholic home school programs for you to choose from. No matter what program an individual is going to choose, he or she will be required to spend much time and effort in order not only to find the appropriate one but also to study on a good level. With the help of homeschool programs a student is able to obtain different degrees of responsibility and guidance for homeschool parents. Most of homeschool programs suggest a great sense of security, especially for new homeschoolers and those homeschooling highschoolers. When looking for the right decidion concerning which program to choose or whether not to choose it, pay special attention to your children’s learning styles, your academic abilities, state law. It is also important to consider college admissions requirements while making this serious decision.So, as it was already mentioned, there is a wide variety of Catholic home school programs for you to consider. Nevertheless, only some of them are really worth much honour and popularity. You are welcome further to get acquainted at least with some of them.Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home SchoolingOur Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home Schooling is really a trustworthy, competent Catholic home school program, the one worth your consideration. It is the oldest Catholic homestudy program in the United Statesof America, and probably in the whole world. Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home Schooling is specially created for the to work with children belonging to different age groups. This Catholic Home School Program tends to work with children as they grow. Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home Schooling has really highly-qualified and experienced staff. Those people deeply realize the importance of education for a child’s, as well as suggest their students all the necessary tools and resources required by children’s parents. This program was created almost half a century ago and this long experience has taught the working staff how to behave in different situations. So, you may be sure in this Catholic Home School Program as well as trust all the teaching methods used in it and the knowledge given to children.Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home Schooling has been offering Roman Catholic homeschooling curriculum as well as textbooks since the year of 1977. The curriculum and textbooks used in this program are correctly organized, have a sound doctrine and are very accessible. In addition, Our Lady of Victory School gives an excellent opportunity to Catholic homeschooling parents to select from different standardized or particularly tailored resources, programs, and supplies.The educational program of Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home Schooling uses the typical Catholic school format that was experienced in many other Catholic schools of the United States of America until the year of 1960. Due to the traditional educational system used by Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Home Schooling the teaching staff does not experiment with children’s minds. The studying program as well as teaching methods are God-centered and not man-centered, or humanistic. The teachers always try to encourage their students to strive. Thus, if a student deserves an “F”, this person receives it. But the program doesn’t practice abandoning the failing student or transferring him into a special group for such pupils as some other programs do. On the contrary, such a pupil is encouraged to develop the skills. Thus, children have an opportunity to grow academically and morally.Catholic City Is A Great Option!One more excellent option for parents to consider is Catholic City. Catholic City doesn’t only suggest a great variety of different home schooling programs, but also a wide choice of books necessary for the studying process of children. In addition, they suggest particular free home schooling programs which are worth checking up. An individual is welcome to contact them any time if he or she has some questions to be answered.It has to be emphasized that an individual is not required to do home schooling the old fashioned way, when a person has to send letters and then to receive answers with the information via post mail. However, probably one of the greatest and most important discoveries of the last century is the personal computer and the Internet. Due to it mailing process has become much faster and easier. Nowadays, all willing students have a wonderful opportunity to home school online. This way of studying offers many advantages making the educational process rather easy and extremely convenient, not only for the children but also for their parents as well. One of the greatest advantages about homeschooling is much flexibility. An individual may study whenever and wherever it is convenient for him of her.Beside all these advantages of distance learning, children will be just happy to sit before the computer and do their home assignment with much joy and desire. By the way, children will be able to improve their abilities of the work before the computer.So, when you find an appropriate Catholic home school program for your child and the latter will like studying in it, there won’t be any problems with the studying. And your child will have an excellent opportunity to obtain the same high-rate education that they would in a generally accepted public school.