Vince Del Monte’s Workout and Fitness Program |

The huge weight loss industry in America disguises the fact that there are many, many people trying to gain weight and muscle. But for these hard-gainers, gaining muscle and gaining weight is never easy. No matter how hard they work out, no matter how much they eat, the results they expect just don’t come. But a number of products claim to be able to break down the barriers holding these hard-gainers back. Vince Del Monte’s fitness program purports to accomplish real muscle and weight gain without any of the dangerous, gimmicky supplements, powders and pills. This review of Vince Del monte’s fitness program challenges its claims.Presentation: The Vince Del Monte fitness program comes as a ten part video selection, offering coaching advice and workout programs that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your gym sessions. Gaining muscle and gaining weight requires a strict program that maximizes time in the gym and work effort. These ten videos really do offer some great workout advice, and Vince is an articulate and intelligent instructor.Value: The program is free unless you decide to get some extras, so even if it were total trash it would be worth the cost. But it’s also worth the time. And that’s because the Vince Del Monte Fitness program isn’t trash, it’s actually quite good. It’s a healthier alternative to steroids (and cheaper) and if you just check out his pictures, you’ll see that Vince knows how to pack on some muscle.Results: When I used the program, I did so to put on lean muscle. I don’t try to bulk up like a bodybuilder, so the program was a little much for me at times. But, having said this, it did help me pack on some weight and definitely helped me pack on some lean muscle. Is it as good as P90x? Well, no. But it’s sure as heck just as good for the price. And seriously, this a great place to start before refining your own workout plan.Overall Score: If I were rating the Vince Del Monte Fitness program on a ten point scale, I would give it an eight. It isn’t as professional as some other workout programs, but it lives up to its claims and certainly to its price. Now, I’m not trying to trick you into getting this program. Don’t be under the illusion that by getting this program you’ll just start packing on massive weight and huge muscle gains. You won’t. It will require working hard, finding what shows results and refining the workout program to your own preference. Bu then again, what program doesn’t require this. Overall, the Vince Del Monte Fitness program is worth checking out, and definitely worth trying. The guy definitely has faith in his product, and I was pleased with my experience of the product. If you have the money, you can check out a more expensive program, but why bother?